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Pressed parts, stamped parts, drawn parts

From simple drawing parts to complex, multi-level large-size parts we manufacture
on over forty systems according to customer-specific quality characteristics.
Even the smallest batch sizes can be manufactured by individual manual bins with economical set-up times.

The production covers an area of 12,000 square meters
on over thirty presses and stamping machines.

The table width of the presses is up to 4,500 mm and the pressing forces range from 500 to 20,000 kN.

In addition, board punching and cutting machines are available for production
of rectangular, trapezoidal and shaped blanks available.

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We manufacture both simple metal assemblies and complex precision assemblies for our customers. Qualified employees as well as technically sophisticated machine tools make it possible for us to ensure consistently high quality in assembly manufacturing. Using state-of-the-art production and assembly techniques, we supply our customers quickly and flexibly – around the clock – exactly according to customer requirements. Flexibility and innovation characterize our company.

We offer the following types of welding:
Arc stud welding
Inert gas welding (MIG, MAG and TIG)
Resistance pressure welding

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Rectangular, Trapezoidal & Formed Boards

For the production of rectangular, trapezoidal and shaped blanks we use different blank punching and cutting machines.

Coil presses:
Pressing force up to 5,000 kN
Table width up to 2,500 mm

Coil scissors:
Pressing force up to 1,000 kN
Table width up to 1,500 mm

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Oil pan

We have been manufacturing oil pans for over 10 years.

We copy large quantities fully automatically via our press line. We produce smaller quantities in manual loading operation on manual presses.

We produce our sheet metal oil pans as a supplier of monoblech, bondal sheet or laminations. When producing the oil pans, we as a supplier pay attention to the highest quality. The oil pans are used in cars, trucks, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural equipment and special vehicles.

We offer the complete process: tools, prototypes, pre-series, series with attachments, coating and leak testing.

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Flexible sheet metal production

In flexible sheet metal production, individual prototypes, individual parts and small series are manufactured according to your requirements.

The production of auxiliary tools gives you a high quality and reproducible quality of your products.
Short-term and flexible, your sub-work will be taken over.

We make laser cuts in 2D on our punch nibbling laser. For the 3D-processing we work together with several partners.

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Stainless steel surfaces

As a metalworking company for functional components we are also capable of decorative assets,
i.e. To make components with very fine surfaces that come visibly, without further processing or finishing, into the field of vision of the end products.

High flexibility and quality through our own laboratory technical monitoring of the production distinguish us. For continuous process monitoring we use state-of-the-art measuring technology. Upon request, we will attach the received logs to our shipments. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop product-specific testing processes .

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Busbar: we manufacture busbars made of copper for electric cars.

Electromobility relies on powerful battery systems. An important component is the busbar. High quantities of busbars are manufactured automatically on our stamping machines. We produce smaller quantities on single presses.

Again, we offer the complete process as usual: tools, prototypes, pre-series, series and spare parts service

Further information:

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Research & Development

Progress at Otto SPANNER GmbH has long ceased to be left to chance. For some time now, clever minds have been developing and “puzzling” in the purpose-built “technical center”. We focus on production-related development. The aim of this institution is:

– to optimize products in quality and performance,
– to pursue ideas,
– to develop new products
– to optimize processes
– to make products even more economical.

Contact Person:

Mr. Stefan Scherer
Tel .: 08774 / 96026-706